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Add an Installment


To begin, make sure you are in the autobilling module by selecting the “Autobill” option under the “Settings” menu located to the right of the Regpack logo.



To add an installment, scroll down the page until you find your plan. Mouse over the name of

the plan and click “add unit” to begin adding installments.



Above, you can give it a label. Below that, you need to choose how much is charged and when.


Processing Date


Setting a calculated date let’s you set the processing date to some amount of days, weeks, or months relative to some starting point. You have three options for setting the starting point

  • Application date ­ makes the due date relative to the day they first created an account
  • First Order ­ makes the processing date relative to the date they first order their products. Note that products must be delivered in order for this date to reset
  • Date plan selected ­ makes the due date relative to the day they first selected the plan. This is the most flexible option, and is recommended


When you are done, click “update scheduled payment”. If you would like to delete the unit, click “Delete unit”


  • Entering a percentage will charge a percentage of their total balance, or the total balance of products within a category. SeeTHISarticle on advanced options for information.
  • Entering a fixed amount will charge that amount, but will not exceed the balance (ie if the fixed amount you enter is larger than what the applicant owes, it will only charge what the applicant owes.)