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Add or Remove Autobill Plan for an Applicant

As an admin, you have the ability to alter a user’s auto billing selection through the back end. This feature works well if the user made an incorrect selection to start, or maybe if they skipped over auto billing altogether and would now like to be on a plan.

To begin, you will want to start in on the User Management page.


Next, locate the user you would like to update the billing for, and click on their account. In the sidebar that opens on the right hand side of the screen, you can select the “Autobill” tab.

autobill menu

Inside this menu, you can view the user’s auto bill plans, their due dates, and saved payment option (if the option has been entered). You can change the user’s plan by first selecting “Edit Autobill Plan” at the bottom of the menu.

edit billing options

Now you can select any available auto billing plan by selecting “Add Plan” from the list of plan options. You can remove plans the same way, by selecting “Remove”.

When finished making selections, click “Add/Remove Plans” button at the bottom right. The options will now be updated.

Add/Remove Plans