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Autobill Filtering

In user management the option to filter by specific Autobill plans, as well as Autobill payment status, such as:

  • If a user is on an Autobill plan
  • If a user is NOT on an Autobill plan
  • If a user has an overdue payment on an Autobill plan
  • Users who are on an Autobill plan, but do not have a saved payment method on file

Click search –> payments –> autobill to see the autobill filter options

payment filters with autobill

By Autobill plan:

autobill filter

View all users on Autobill plan from Autobill Settings

As always, you can view which users are on specific plans by clicking the status bar beside the plan in autobill management.

autobill settings

When you click on the numbers, as highlighted above, a side panel will show all users on the plan, and allow you to select some or all users and perform several system actions, as shown below:

list of users on specific autobill plan

Run bulk actions on users on specific autobill plan

Bulk actions include running a report, sending an email, adding a status, or adding a form to this group of users.

view all on plan