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AutoBill Overview

The Autobill feature allows you to have your applicants pay off their balance in installments, and you have a lot of flexibility in setting up their options.

Q: Want to charge a deposit today and collect the balance two months later?

A: Create a plan with two installments

Q: Want to divide their balance into equal amounts and collect installments over the next five months?

A: Create a plan with five installments and choose your dates

It’s really that easy!

Learn more about setting up Autobill in your project here:

Here’s how you get started….

1) Send a message to support@regpacks.com and request that support add a payment plan widget to your payment plan form.­ When you’re ready to release them, trigger the payment plan form and you’ll be ready to go.

2) Let the support team know if you would like applicants to be able to select more than one plan at a time this must be configured by regpack staff.

3) Next you’ll want to make your plans. The articles below will break down down each of these steps

Making Plans

Finally, you’ll want to be able to manage your applicants who are currently on plans. You are able to change them from one plan to another, remove them from a plan, and view their upcoming payments. See the articles below to see how each of these is done.

Managing user plans

Note: If you’d like to disable autobill in your system, you can do this under “Project Settings” and then head to the “Payments” tab. Here you can turn “Enable Autobill Payments” to “Off”.