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Create an Autobilling Plan

Our Autobill tool is great for regulating your cash flow. You set payment plans in place and the system automatically charges your applicants. Today we will look at how to create an autobill plan.

First navigate to “Settings” and click “Autobill.”



To create a new plan, click the blue “Create New Autobill Plan.”

create plan

Under “Plan Settings” you can type in the autobill plan name, select a specific category it should be under, decide if it’s user facing or admin facing, if it covers the entire order or only specific products, when it will lock into place, and more. Once you have made your selections, click “Go To Next Step.”

new plan settings


“Payment Schedule” is the next section and where you will decide the plan end date, if a deposit is required, what that deposit amount or percentage is, how often the plan will charge your applicants, and if there should be a limit to the number of payments transaction in this plan.


The first detail is the date the plan will go into affect:

○ Application date ­ makes the due date relative to the day they first created an account

○ First Order ­ makes the processing date relative to the date they first order their products. Note that products must be delivered in order for this date to reset

○ Date plan selected ­ makes the due date relative to the day they first selected the plan. This is the most flexible option, and is recommended


Next is when the plan will end — the absolute last possible transaction for your applicants.

plan dates


If you do want to require an initial deposit, click “Yes” and decide if it should be a set amount or percentage.

initial deposit


Next choice is the payment structure — how often those charges will occur.



After that choice you can choose to limit the number of payment transactions.

Note that if it is not possible to set the full number of payments based on the plan end date the system will create as many as possible until the end date.

payment structure


After you’ve set your payment structure details, click “Create Payment Schedule.”

If you’d like to limit who can see or be on this new autobill plan, click “Trigger.”



You can specify if this plan should be shown to a few but hidden from others, be added to a few but be hidden from others, or be added to a few and shown to others.



Don’t forget to hit “Save Autobill Trigger” or “Cancel.”