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How to delete an autobill plan

To delete an autobill plan, you’ll want to navigate to “Settings” and “Autobill” and hover over the plan you’d like to delete.

delete autobill plan

If a plan already has users enrolled, you can still click “delete plan”, and the system will prompt you to move those users to a new plan or simply remove their future payments due, and remove them from the plan without moving them to a new plan.

delete autobill plan

If you would like to move them to another autobill plan, be sure to create the new autobill plan BEFORE deleting the old one, as you’ll want that one setup to select from when you click “Select Plan Users Will Be Transferred To”.

We recommend, regardless of which option you choose, to let your clients know what you are doing – as it will affect the payments they were expecting to have debited on the previous schedule.

If you have any questions about changing your autobill plan schedule, check out this article on stopping future payments.