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Legacy AutoBilling Plans

Once your existing system has been updated to RegPack Flow, you will have limited functionality in your existing Autobill plans that port over. If your system is currently open and accepting payments, your existing plans and upcoming payment dates will NOT be affected by the update.

Auto billing plans that were set up in the old system will be called “legacy plans”. Upon logging in to the back end, your legacy plans should be displayed at the top when viewing the Autobill Module.

How to view and manage legacy autobilling plans in your new Regpack system.

Note the difference between the legacy plans and the newly created plans. The new plans show more information, including deposit information, the settings, as well as the monthly payment date. In the example below, the “Monthly Payments” plan is an updated plan, while the “Pay in Full” and “Deposit Option” plans are legacy plans.

The difference between legacy and new autobilling plans in the new Regpack system.

Upon clicking “Edit” on the legacy plans, you can update some of the plan’s features. Note that edits on legacy plans will be limited. You will be able to update the plan’s category, title, admin status, locking and calculation options, as well as what products the plan applies to. The plan’s payment dates will be locked.

Setting a deposit option on the new autobilling plans in Regpack.

If you need to make a change to a legacy plan’s payment dates, we would recommend building a new auto billing plan. You can find information on how to do that here. Once you create a new plan, you have the option to transfer users in your legacy plan into the new one.

How to move users from a legacy plan to a new Autobill plan

If you have a user on a legacy autobill plans and would like to move them to a new plan, you can do so simply by creating a new plan, and then adding that plan to users who are on a legacy plan. Once you’ve completed this process, simply delete the legacy plan in the Autobill module.

Note that you can move users in the reverse order, by first deleting the legacy plan that a user is on, and then transferring them over. To do this, first make sure that you have the new plans in place, and you are ready to add users to them.

Next, you can locate the legacy plan you would like to move users from and select “Edit”. In the bottom left corner of the screen, there will be a “Delete” option. Go ahead and select delete.

Delete Plan

Now you can select to either delete the plan and remove the enrolled users, or add them to a new autobilling plan. Go ahead and select “Select Plan Users Will Be Transferred To” in the upper right hand corner of the pop up.

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Finally, you can choose which plans the users should be moved to. Hover over each plan to see the payment dates, and click on “Select” on the far right of the page to add users to the plan. Note that users will only be able to be transferred to one plan, not split between a few different plans.

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To complete the move, you can select “Move users and then delete the plan”. Your users have now been moved, and the old plan has been deleted.

To learn how to delete a plan, read here. To add a new plan, read here.