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How to remove a Legacy Plan

For the purpose of this article, a “legacy Plan” is an autobill plan that was copied over from a previous version of Regpack into our new Regpack Flow interface.

You can move users from legacy plans to newer auto billing plans similarly to how users can be moved from one plan to another.

This article will walk you through how to move users from a legacy plan to a new plan through the back end of the system.

To start, make sure you are on the auto bill page under settings.


Next, you will want to locate the legacy auto billing plan you would like to remove users from and click on the plan.

Select Plan

Now you can locate the users you would like to move by going to the “Enrolled” tab. Here you will see all users currently on the plan.


Click on a user’s name to edit their billing options.

Within this menu you can select “Edit Autobill Plan” at the bottom of the page to change them over to a new plan.


Edit Billing Options2

You can now select a new plan for the user to transfer to.

Here you can also remove them from the current plan. Select “+ Add/Remove Plans” to confirm your change.

change plans

Note: If you would like to remove a legacy plan from the system, you will first need to remove all users from the legacy plan using the steps above.

Once the users have all been removed, you can then edit the plan and select “Delete Plan”.

Note that after deleting the Legacy plan, there will be no way to retrieve the plan. Deletion of auto billing plans will be final, so please be sure that this plan is superfluous prior to removing users and deleting the plan.

New auto bill plans can be created in the place of these legacy auto bill plans.

You will be able to replicate many of the same billing options in the newer plans, with greatly expanded functionality. If you would like to learn more about creating new auto billing plans, click here.

Delete Plan