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View Upcoming Payments

The Autobill tool is great for regulating your cash flow. You set payment plans in place and the system automatically charges your applicants.

Let’s look at how to view who is on a specific payment plan and how to view when the next upcoming payment is for a specific person.

How to view the upcoming payment of a specific applicant

Let’s start in the “Users” section.


Next click “Search” and find the specific user you are looking for.

payment record

Then click their payment record, and move over to the “Autobill” section.

payment record

The “Autobill” section of the user’s panel will show you the list of completed installments as well as the next upcoming charge amounts and dates.

autobill list

Note that you have the option to process a payment directly from this panel. Any payments processed will update the payment plan installment amounts to reflect the additional payment.

You can also edit the autobill plan for this user by clicking “Edit Autobill Plan”.

How to view a list of users on a specific Autobill plan

Navigate to “Settings” and then “Autobill.


You will see all of your Autobill plans and a status bar to the right of each, which shows how many users are enrolled on each plan and how many of them have made payments.

autobill status

If you click that status, a side panel with more details pops up. It will display who is enrolled on this specific plan, if a payment method is not saved on file, if a specific users is overdue and by how much, and how many installments out of the total have occurred.

users in plan

From here you can select someone’s name and the user side panel will display, which will allow you to look up specific user details, send a specific email, log a comment for your other admins to see, change the user’s form, change the user’s cart, log a payment / issue a transaction, or edit their autobill plan(s).

Remember when you make changes to who is on an autobill plan — adding or removing them from a specific plan — to make sure that there is still a payment method saved, so the payment plan can charge on their next bill date.

Note that you can filter for all users on an autobill plan with an overdue payment in the Users module. Use the filter tool to find these users and send them an email with a reminder to pay. In most cases, users with overdue autobill payments are because there is no payment method saved on file.