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Product Update: Displaying Products on the First Form

In addition to our complete overhaul of Regpack into Regpack Flow, which includes updates like a new user panel that follows you across all modules, enhanced filtering and search capabilities, and a brand new design – we’ve made a lot of great upgrades to Products in Regpack Flow as well.

Check out our Webinar on this topic, plus all the details below!

Preview Your Products

On the front end – either on your website or using our hosted template, you can display the products in your system without requiring the viewer to register first.

The flow is intuitive, so once a user reaches the account creation prompt, any products they’ve selected will automatically add to their cart.

Be sure to ask our Support team for setup questions if you have them! Also see the details below about our new webinar series where we’ll go over how to implement this functionality for your website!

Product Settings Updates

We’ve added the ability to include start and end dates, location, and admin assignments and 2 miscellaneous fields to your products to further customize the experience for your applicants and make it easier for you to manage in the back end.

This is great if you’d like to include more details for your offerings in a more streamlined way than just the product description.

Navigate to these settings by creating a new product or edit an existing product, and add this information under “Settings”.

Assign Admins to Products

We’ve allowed for you to assign any Admin in your project to any product as well. This works in the same way you can currently assign an Admin to users, or a group of users, in your project. Use this for instructors for a course, counselors for camp sessions, and more!

You can assign an admin to a product under “Settings” for any Product in your project. Additionally, you can track the assignments of each admin in Admin management.

On-Form Product Trigger

You are already familiar with triggers in your Regpack system and how they react instantly. An easy example is this: if you ask a yes/no question, “Do you have any allergies?” and the answer is “Yes”, then a new field is triggered to gather more information.

Until today, you could not include fields on the product selection form AND have the products react to the field selections in real time. Our latest update now makes this possible! See how this works below:

This means that you can now use fields as a way of filtering your products for your users. The products shown on the form will dynamically change based on how they answer the fields. And it all happens IN REAL TIME! This allows for a much more streamlined user experience and customization of your process.

Combine this with the ability to show your product selection BEFORE a user needs to login or create an account – and you have an even more powerful onboarding tool!

Our goal has always been to help you work smarter, and give you an edge over your competitors to plan better and stay organized. Hope you are loving this update as much as I am!