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How Autobill Can Help Secure Your Cash Flow

I’m sure you have questions about how to deal with payments made for programs that are now cancelled or postponed and how best to manage this in Regpack.

In order to continue to collect payments for current and future programming, make sure you are taking full advantage of our Autobill functionality.

Autobill is a great feature even when there isn’t a global pandemic as it helps to provide steady cash flow to your business and ensures you have money when you need it.

Our Autobill tool has even more customizations available with our latest update to Regpack Flow that allow you to offer custom payment plans and make payment schedules more comfortable for your applicants, including adding more payments in a plan or postponing any immediate due dates in favor or alternate future payment dates.

Whether you create custom plans by product OR custom plans for individual applicants that may have a temporary financial hardship due to COVID-19, the choice is yours.

Autobill can help to support any and all situations to protect your revenue stream and cash flow with consideration and flexibility for those you serve.

We put together an overview video that explains step by step how to set up Autobill plans in your system.

Managing Refunds & Credits in Your System

Our team has put together an FAQ with all of your questions regarding processing refunds in your system. You can find that here.

In lieu of offering processing refunds, you can keep a credit for a future event or program purchase.

It’s simple to do this in Regpack:

  1. Remove the product from the applicant’s cart.
  2. Add a new product to their cart, either now or later.

It’s that easy!

When you remove a product, the price paid for the product will leave the applicant with a credit. Once you add a new product, the credit will be used to pay for it.

This options helps to keep your applicants committed to your business while you take the time you need to coordinate alternate programming without having to recollect funds when you launch those programs.

We also have a webinar on this topic, feel free to check out the recording to learn more about Autobill and credits in your system, here or watch below: