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How do I add a child registration to a family?

To help manage a Regpack group system, admins have the ability to add additional sub-units (children/campers/attendees) from the back end of the system.

create a new parent and child user in the back end

In order to do add a child registration to an existing family in your Regpack project, first go to user management.

On the left panel, click “Users”.


Next, access the head unit (or parent)’s side menu by clicking on their name.

If you do not see it immediately, you can use the Search bar to find the specific family by last name, or parent email. Once their account appears, click on the parent name.


Once the menu window is open, click on the family tab at the top, as show below.

Then, click the “Create new camper” button at the bottom right of the window. The child’s registration will be created instantly and added to the family.

At this point you can either fill out their information or instruct the registrant to complete the new registration by logging into their account on the front end of the system using their username and password.

Since you’ve added the child to their account, they will now see the child and all forms associated with the child.
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How your users can add a new child or sub-unit from their Dashboard

If you would like to instruct your users to add a new child or sub-unit on their own, direct them to their dashboard when logged in to their account.

Go to the family tab, and they can click “Add Child”, the blue button on the right, and add another child record. By clicking the button, a new child account will be created and they’ll be taken to the first child form to complete the process of registration, selecting products, and checking out.

add child from user dashboard

How to create a new user in an individual system?

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