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How do I delete a project?

It’s not possible to fully “Delete” a project in your Regpack account. You have 2 options to close out a project when registration is over:

  1. Archive the project
  2. Set the project to “Closed for registration”

We recommend setting the project “closed” for registration, which you can do by going to Project Settings, and selecting “Closed for Registration and Login” from the General tab:

close registration

If you prefer to archive your project, you can send an email to support@regpacks.com with your request. Please consider that archiving your project will make reporting on information in that project difficult. Additionally, if you’d like to copy the user data of that project to a new project, information will NOT port over if the project is archived. It will port over if the project is set to “closed for registration and login”.

Keep Project Open, but Closed for New Registrations

If you still would like your project to remain open for users to make a payment, but don’t want any new users to register, you must do 2 things:

  1. Under “Registration” tab in Project Settings, select the “New applicants can register” to “OFF”.
  2. Under “Appearance” tab in Project Settings, select the “Show ‘Login’ Button” to “HIDE”.

This will prevent any new users from registering, but still allow existing users to login and edit their account and make payments. It will also default the system to show the login page first, which will help make it easy for existing users to login and get going!

close registration to new users

I have so many projects? I want to delete them so I don’t see them anymore. 

We understand! That is why there is a “search” bar when viewing all of your projects to make it easy to find what you are looking for.

There is a step by step guide to moving between your Regpack projects here.

Head to the bottom left of the screen and locate your project name on the black bar. Click it, and you can view all of your projects. If you have more than 6, click “View All” to view all of your projects. There is a search bar so you can find a specific project easily.

change your project in regpack

Customize a closed for registration message:

You can customize the message users will see when your project is closed.

closed for reg message