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How do I delete a registration?


At Regpack, we don’t allow for registrations to be completely removed or deleted from the system. Instead, we allow you to make registrations invisible in the system by creating a special type of status that we call “excluded”.


Any status that you create can be set to excluded, and there is no limit to the amount of statuses you can create. For example, you could make an excluded status called “cancellation” or “did not qualify”- this both creates a special status that you can filter for andensures that that user is still not a part of your active registration.


The benefit of doing it this way is that you will still have access to their information (in case they change their mind and do want to register), but they will not count towards your project’s total product revenue, or towards your total applicant count.


NOTE: Users set to an excluded status will be unable to edit their registrations. The system locks their registration on the front end and it will remain locked until you make them active again by removing the excluded status.


To make a status excluded simply check the box next to “User is archived when in this status” when creating or editing a status:



For instructions on creating and editing statuses please refer to the article here.