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How do I download content that’s been uploaded by users?

There’s a widget in Regpack that will allow / require registrants to upload required documents (Passports for international programs, Documents that require a physician or another 3rd party’s physical signature, photos of registrants or associated individuals) to a specific form.

A Super Admin can add as many upload widgets to their forms as needed. Also note, that Super Admins can add upload widgets to admin forms as well, in the case that users should not have access but the information should still be attached to the user’s profile.

Both Super Admins and Assistant Admins can add an uploaded document to a form or download the file(s) from the user’s form (or from multiple users’ forms at once).

To download the previously uploaded content in a user’s profile, please navigate to the Users section.


An easy way to select only the group of people who have uploaded a file, is to make the upload widget mandatory and then filter for those users that have completed that mandatory form.

Click the Search bar and select “Forms and Fields.”

forms and fields

Then select the form that has the upload widget in it, and select “Form Complete” and “Done.”

form complete

You can also add other filters to narrow your focus more. When you are satisfied, select all your filtered users and “View Forms.”

view form

Next you will select the form that has the upload widget in it from the list of forms available.

That form will appear on your screen with the list of selected users on the left.

You can navigate to each user’s form by clicking their name.

You can also see a preview of the file that was uploaded by clicking the grey title of it in the user’s form.

When you are ready to download the previously uploaded file, you should click “Form Actions” in the top right.

There are two options that will achieve your goals in the Download section: Form for current user or Form for ALL users.

current user or all

Form for current user– the form you currently have open will be downloaded.

Form for ALL users– all the forms of the current users you have selected will be downloaded.

Regardless of which option you select, both the PDF of the form(s) and the file(s) in the form(s) will be available in your newly downloaded zip file.

download it

Just click “Download File.”