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What information does the e-signature capture?

The e-signature widget allows users to make the electronic equivalent of a handwritten signature through a double verification agreement.

This agreement generates an internal string of the user’s IP address and exact time the agreement was signed.

You can report on this string if needed.

The e-signature widget is generally added to it’s own form.

You can add custom text based on your existing processes, such as your terms & conditions, waivers and consent forms you would otherwise have signed on paper.

Any form containing the e-signature automatically locks after the user confirms their agreement. The user must agree to the e-signature in order to proceed with registration.

Again, upon agreement, the widget captures the date and time, the IP address, and the browser information of the user.

To view this information, you need to export the form as a PDF. Instructions on how to do that can be found here.

To view the full list of widgets you can add to your forms, head over here.

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