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How to Embed Regpack into Different Website Editors

First, grab the embed code for your project. This can be found either by clicking “project settings” from the bottom menu, or going to “Settings” on the left, and “Project settings”. Once there, you’ll click the “Embedding” tab and copy the text in the box.

embed code for regpack

Regpack can easily be embedded into any website editor.

Note: If you have a free version of WordPress or Square Space – the embed code will NOT work. These free website plans so not allow for outside javascript code unless you have a paid plan. Please reach out to our support team for other options, or upgrade your website editor subscription. 

Below are the most popular Website editors and the steps on embedding. If you have any questions, ask your webmaster. You can read how to grab your embed code here.

Embedding Regpack on WordPress

Simply go to the page or create a new page, in your WordPress editor for your registration.

In the text block that you’d like the system to embed into, ensure you are in the “text” tab and not “visual”. Once there, simply paste the embed code and click “Update” or “Publish” on the page.

That’s it! Feel free to add a page title and customize the URL for the page your project is embedded on.

Embedding Regpack on Joomla

For Joomla sites you will need to apply one setting before installing the script on the page you would like to hold our system. Super Users will need to remove text filtering before Joomla’s system will display our i-frame.

The Regpack i-frame functions very similar to embedding a YouTube video on your website so following these instructions will configure your site for our script

Once you copy the embed code in Project Settings, paste it in your website’s HTML on the desired page.

Bonus Features

If you want Regpack’s internal navigation to appear apart from your iframe (for example, you already have a navigation sidebar) You can put a tag in your HTML.

The navigation will now be transported outside of the iframe and you can use it to control the iframe.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Does the content inside your iframe cut off or just doesn’t look like it fits? This is probably a configuration issue. Your group’s template should point to the iframe template.
  • Did nothing happen? Please re-check the HTML code and make sure you replaced the GROUP_ID with your groups actual ID Iframe

Totally broken?

Regpack uses JavaScript in order to render the system in your site. Many Content Management systems disable the ability to add Javascript directly to your content, which requires that you make certain adjustments. That said it is possible to embed the Regpack system into any page of your Joomla site by doing the following:

1. Go to System -> Global configuration

2. In the “Site” tab (it will be the default opened) make sure that the Default Editor is “TinyMCE”. In normal configurations this is already set.

3. Click the “text filters” tab at the top and make sure the “No Filtering” is selected for the “Super Users” option. In normal configurations this is already set.

4. Save and Close.

5. On the top menu click the “extensions” and then “plugins”.

6. Find the TinyMCE plugin and make sure it is enabled.

7. Click the link to go into the TinyMCE configuration.

8. Look for the “Prohibited Elements” and make sure it is presenting “applet” (without quotes) only. If anything else is there delete it.

9. Look for the “Extended Valid Elements” option and add the following into it:script[type|src|id],iframe[src|style|width|height|scrolling|marginwidth|marginheight|frameborder]

10. Save and Close.

11. Create a new Article you want to embed the Regpack system into.

12. Add the text you want and everything else.

13. Click the “Toggle Editor”. You will be presented with the HTML that the page will present. In the place you want to add the Regpack system add the code you got on the Settings -> Project Settings -> Embedding section under the “Embedding Code”.

14. After you have added the code into your Joomla article click the “Toggle Editor” again. You will see a link with your project name where you added the code.

15. Save the article and refresh the page.

16. Click the “Toggle Editor” button again just to make sure that the code is still there in the format and method you entered it.

17. Go to the page on your Joomla website and you should see the Regpack system populate in the correct place.

Embedding Regpack on Wix

Please see here an example of an embedded Regpack system into a wix site:


In order to do this you need to do the following on the wix system:

  1. Create a new page (or use the page you have).
  2. Clear out everything from the page except the title and the navigation. Basically have a blank content page.
  3. Through the wix options select “add” and then the “more”.
  4. Select the top option “html & flash” and from it the “html code”
    Now this is the important part: when adding the widget to the page make sure it is taking the full width possible and then drag it to take up as much of the height as possible. I would not go too crazy but at least 1500px height if not 2000px height (you may need to manually plug in these height and width dimensions).
  5. In the Backend of the Regpack system, click settings -> project setings -> embedding, copy the code and then add the code. Double click the widget in order to go into its settings. There select “html code”.
  6. Embed the script you’ve received from your project manager or simply go to “Project Settings” in your Admin account to grab the embed code.
  7. Click update.
  8. Your Regpack system will now be accessible from that webpage. If not, please see troubleshooting tips above.

Embedding Regpack on Square Space

Simply find the location where you’d like to place your project, and edit as “HTML”. Then copy and paste the embed code, and save. You’re all set!

Read more here.