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Getting Started with Regpack

Welcome to Regpack!

Now that you are an admin of your organization’s Regpack account, it’s important you understand the basics of how Regpack works. We’ve compiled the top 7 things to know as you learn the Regpack platform and manage your system.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Regpack Support!

Video Overview

Take a look at this video which will help to orient you to how Regpack works. More details are discussed in depth below.

Overview of Regpack Project Lifecycle

From your first project, to your 100th project, Regpack follows a basic life cycle to get new projects live and accepting registrations and payments.

regpack project life cycle

Anytime you’d like to create a new project, or copy over an existing project, you will go through the above steps.

  1. Create your project
  2. Build it
  3. Go Live (Review your going live checklist here!)
  4. Regpack Support

To create a new project in your system, follow the steps outlined here for new projects from a template and here for copying an existing project template.

From there, you will begin building and editing your new project.

After the 1st project created for your organization, all subsequent projects can be built by you or a Regpack Project Manager. You can request PM assistance when creating your new project.

Once any new project is live, you enjoy continued access to the Regpack Support team for any questions or issues that come up.

How to find users in your system

Locating users in your system is easy, and very powerful, in Regpack.

Check out this article for an in-depth explanation on searching for and filtering users in your system.

Start with the search bar and simply start typing the user you are looking for. You can search for first name, last name, or email address.

search bar

If you’d like to find a user or a group of users based on a specific data point – say everyone who has ordered a specific product, or all users with a specific age or grade, you can do that through the search bar as well. You can filter by “application”, “products/services”, “forms and fields”, and “payments”.

Once you filter to find the user or users who match your criteria, you can run and download a report, send them an email, add a form, set a status, and much more. Click the “Tools” and “Reports” drop down on the top right to move forward with any actions on that user or users.

How to change user information

If you’d like to add information to a user’s profile, simply click on the user in User Management. A side bar will appear and you can navigate to the “Forms” tab. Click on the form you’d like to add or edit existing information.

You can read the full article on editing forms for a user here.

check form status

You can also add a new form from this window, by clicking “Add form”. This can be a form the user will complete when they login next, or an admin form. An admin form allows you to add information or details about the user, that the user cannot see. Read more about these forms here.

Once you select the form, you’ll see all the fields and the user’s information populated on the left side, as shown below.

Click and edit the field or fields you wish to update, and then click the green “Save Form” button at the top left, directly underneath the form name.

edit user form

How to change triggers

Triggers are one of the most powerful features in Regpack. You can trigger almost anything in the system to automate your existing processes and create a customized registration flow.

You can view all help articles related to triggers here. This will help you understand the myriad of ways you can set and utilize triggers in your system and how triggers are used to create a customized registration flow for you and your clients.

You can trigger the following items in your system:

  • Products
  • Forms
  • Emails
  • Fields
  • User Actions (profile created, child created, form complete, etc)
  • Payments
  • Status

As a note: please do NOT change or edit any triggers if a project is live. This can impact existing users and have unintended consequences. If you would like to, or need to, change a trigger, it’s best to connect with the Regpack support team on the best way to do this.

Don’t panic if a user comes to you with an issue

The Regpack support team is here to help!

Often times “issues” brought to your attention by a customer is really just user error and a system error. The Regpack support team is happy to look into the issue and help you troubleshoot, resolve, and/or explain the best way to move forward.

Common mistake to avoid: deleting information from your system.

One mistake many new admins make when reviewing an existing system in their Regpack account is deletion. This can be deleting a trigger, a form, or a field, an autobill plan, or really anything.

If you feel like something should be removed from your system, simply “hide” it before deleting. Any questions about deleting can be directed to our Support team to ensure what you want to happen actually happens!

If you have ANY questions, connect with Regpack Support!

Simply email support@regpacks.com and we will answer any and all questions you have. There is no limit on Support tickets, so please contact us any time.

Requests are responded to in the order they are received. If there is an urgent issue, please note that in the subject line of your email and it will be reviewed by our team.

We also have an extensive help library. Simply search in the search bar at the top of this page to find what you are looking for!

Check out all of Regpack’s common questions here to get started.