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Using Regpack to Support Your Online Activities: Step by Step Guide to Going Virtual

Organizations across the globe have rapidly moved to online courses in order to halt the spread of Covid-19 – why shouldn’t you?

Here are the first steps towards moving your content online.

A step by step guide to hosting virtual events and programs online.

Using Regpack Tools to Manage Your Online Programs

Regpack offers a multitude of communication and product tools to support your organization moving its offerings online.

Below are the top 3 tips we recommend using to facilitate virtual programming.

Be sure to reach out to our Support team if you have any questions!

Product Settings

Utilize the Product description, as well as start and end dates to customize your offerings and share links to password protected online meetings.

Additionally, under “Filter and Reporting Options” in Product Settings, you have 4 fields to add more information including an Internal ID, location, and 2 miscellaneous fields.

You can also assign admins or instructors to each product for further customization.

Learn more about products here.


Communication is key, but in order to communicate effectively you need to make sure you’re tailoring your communication to the right groups of people.

Our filtering tool allows you to filter based on ANY data point in your system, so use this to filter for users who have ordered a specific product and has paid in full. You can then select all of these users and send a personalized email with the link and password of your online event or program.

Learn more about filters here.

Emails & Triggers: Customize and automate your communication with your users.

Email is a powerful tool to communicate with your users, and Regpack makes it easy to do that!

Don’t forget to use triggers to further automate this process. If you would like to give access to only people who have paid for a product, simply set up the email template with login information to your online meeting software, and trigger it to send once a product has been paid for. Or you can simply filter and send email templates on your schedule, as needed.

Using our status tool is another great way to trigger communication, and manage access to your offerings. Anytime you change a user’s status, you can trigger an email to go out.

The flexibility here is enormous and you can create a truly customized way to communicate with your users.

Learn more about triggers here and emails here.