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How to change a user’s order

To edit the products in a user’s cart, you can remove and add products easily from the user panel.

Click on the user that you’d like to make a change for and then click on the “Cart” tab. You can also click on the left most dollar amount in user management, which will open the user panel on the cart tab.

change cart and orders

Credits on a User Account

Note that when you remove a product from a user’s cart when it’s already been paid for, the payments made will stay on their account like a credit.

You can see in the video above, after we remove the product, the total order and balance changes, but not the amount paid. Once we add a new product, those numbers change again to reflect the changes made to the user’s order.

You can either refund them the amount, or keep it on their account to apply to another product that you add. It’s up to you!

You can see how to refund payments here.