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How to I add new users in the back end?

It’s easy to add a new user account in the back end of your system, including adding children or sub-units to an existing group account.

How to add a new user in an individual system

Simply click “Tools” when in User Management, and “Create New User”.

You can click on forms to edit / add information as well.

If you’d like the user to login, send them to the Front End of your system, and have them input the email you used to set up their account. Then click “Forgot Password” so they can set up a password to login to add information to their forms, add products, and make payments.

How to add a new user in a group or family system

There are two types of users you can add in a group system: the head unit or parent and a child or sub-unit, which is nested under a parent user.

Below we’ll show you how to create a new parent, and from there, how to create a new child (which can be done on any existing parent user).

If you are creating a new parent user, follow the steps under the previous section to provide the login information. If you are adding a new child, once you do this, the parent can login and see that additional sub-unit added and begin completing forms, adding products, and making payments.

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