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How to Prorate a Session

When creating a new “offering with sessions” in the Product Module, the setting to auto prorate the session price is turned on by default. This means that if a user adds the session to their cart after the date of the session has begun, the system automatically prorates the user’s session fee and calculates a new balance.

prorate sessions

You can turn this setting off if you prefer that users pay for the full session regardless of the date they add and pay for the session.

auto prorate

If you would like to allow users to sign up for only partial days in the session, you can turn this setting on in Session Settings. It is off by default. Select “on” for “Allow users to signup for only part of the session”. You have an optional surcharge you can automatically charge if this setting is turned on.

allow users to sign up for part of the session


The system can include a surcharge when a user selects only partial days of a session. By default, this is turned off. To turn it on, you’ll need to turn on the setting mentioned above, “allow users to signup for only part of the session”. Once that is “on”, you’ll see the surcharge settings appear below.

You can charge a dollar amount or a percent per day. You can also specify if you require a minimum or maximum number of days a user can select in order to complete their order.

surcharge settings

To learn more about creating and managing sessions in Regpack, refer to this article.