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Ideal Form Length | Choice Overload

When building out your first project or your 10th, there are always best practice rules to follow to ensure you get a high completion rate, with minimal frustration from your registrants, as they move through your process.

One common mistake we see when building out a new project is overdoing it. By this I mean, offering TOO MANY choices to customers: too many options, too many fields on one page, too many discount options, etc.

A major factor that studies attribute to abandoned carts and applications is a concept called  “choice overload”.

Whether it’s your questions, forms, requirements or your overall registration process, over-complicating will lead to a less than ideal user experience, or even worse, lost business.

Regpack’s core structure is built to save all information in real time so try to use this to your advantage while building your process.

Here are a few ways to keep it simple in your system:

Form Length

It may seem “simpler” to have a single form containing all of your questions, but one long form that requires constant scrolling can cause customer fatigue.

– Try breaking up your process into smaller chunks, or use our separator field which will help customers move through your process more smoothly.

– Asking too many text based questions in general directly correlates with a higher abandonment rate. Try to build questions using multiple choice fields to ease information requirements and this will also allow you to target/filter by those same elements later when managing your outreach.

– Think about the information you really need to gather because simplicity is the best way to keep existing registrants, while also attracting new ones.


It can be easy to overdo it with discounts because it is the most common way to convey value to prospective registrants.

Because of the variety of ways discounts can be built in Regpack, it’s even easier to overwhelm both registrants and your admin team with your discount setup.

You will have the ability to create both flat rate and percentage based discounts, and while our system is built to handle both, it is best practice to choose one structure and stick to it.

For example, using a single percentage based discount for their overall cart instead of multiple flat rate discounts for each product. This will cut down on the number of discounts you need to build out and simplify what your registrants are expecting.


It can seem counter intuitive to offer less options for purchase, but this is the most common area this mistake is made.

Think about ways you can pare down the way you present your offerings to make the choice simpler.

– Instead of AM and PM options trying creating daily packages.

– Instead of presenting daily options try creating weekly packages. You might even consider incorporating monthly packages.

Consolidating is the best way to create consistency for both you and your registrants.

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