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Can the Regpack iFrame match my website?


One of the most asked questions we get regarding our iframe is, “Can we change the iFrame to match the colors of our website?” and the answer to this is a resounding YES!

All you would have to do is provide our support team with a custom style sheet for the iFrame, which can generally be created by your webmaster or designer.

Contact support@regpacks.com if you have any additional questions about this or if you need a sample custom style sheet to start with!


Styling only applies to the embeddable portion of our software and does not include the hosted domain in which the embedded portion is initially placed or any website. This does not include embedding our software within a domain that is not under Regpack’s direct control and/or influence.

The Regpack styling service is an optional add-on to your project and is not included with any setup fees or admin fees. Your Project Manager and/or Account Manager are prohibited from inserting any HTML or CSS styling on behalf of any client. These type of adjustments must be performed by a member of Regpack’s development team.

Styling Fee Begins at $200.

This fee includes 2 development hours. Any work above that threshold will be billed at the rate of $250/hr. There is no additional cost to add the same styling sheet to additional projects.

The initial $200 service fee must be paid before any work is performed and we must be provided with an exhaustive list of the styling adjustments. We will notify any client if a request cannot be fulfilled.

Services Included:

1. Adjustment of overall font size and appearance. Adjustment of font on specific elements is possible, but not recommended as it can be time consuming.

2. Adjustment of colors. This includes adjustment of our login and/or register buttons, font, and submit buttons. Adjustment on more specific elements is possible, but some components cannot be individually adjusted.

Services NOT Included:

1. Adjustment of the Regpack hosted website, as noted above.

2. Adjustment of any client website, as noted above.

3. Adjustment of text inserted within any free text field. Adjustment on text within this field is built into the free text field itself.