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Regpack Marketing Features

There are a few features in Project Settings that are often left blank by Regpack users, and I’m not sure why! So I wanted to take a moment to point them out and explain what they do, so you can take advantage of these great marketing tools!

Google Analytics

Regpack can push user activity directly to your Google Analytics account. Whether you are creating ads through AdWords, or simply checking Google Analytics to understand your users and their activity better, adding your tracking code in Regpack will be very useful!

To input your Google Analytics ID in Regpack, simply add your Tracking Code under Settings —> Project Settings.

Under the “General” Tab, scroll down and you will see a Marketing section. Here you will find the field where you can input your Google Analytics tracking code. There are instructions there as well on how to find your Tracking Code.

Google analytics settings in Regpack

Facebook Pixel

You can also add your 16 digit Facebook Pixel ID in Regpack, which will push related user activity to Facebook.

If you use Facebook and Google for marketing purposes, such as boosted posts, promotions, lead generation or ads, Regpack data can be very helpful in your targeting.


Regpack is more than registration!

For more ways to use Regpack as a marketing tool, I’ve included this blog post I wrote last year. While Regpack is primarily a registration software, it can double as a way to manage leads and target registrants for future marketing campaigns.

This is a great thing to take advantage of during your off season when you have the time to sort through data, create reports, view statistics, and so on.

This post looks at several ways Regpack can support your sales and marketing goals to maximize your return and increase your business and revenue.


I hope you find these tools useful. We are always working on making Regpack better!