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How to move applicants from one project to another

To move an applicant from one project to another, you’ll need to input their information manually in the new project or have the user log into the new project. The steps to add a new user in a project are below.

How to create a new user in your Regpack Project

create new user

Note that in an individual system, you’ll complete the first and second step only.

  1. Go to tools and click “create new user”
  2. Enter the user’s email address
  3. In a group system, this will create the head level user. To add sub unit users, navigate to the “Group” tab and click “Create new participant” on the bottom right. Do this as many times as sub-units you would like to add.

Every time a user, head unit or sub unit included, is created, the forms that are triggered to add based on user account created will add. The user can now login to complete that information. You can also complete some or all of the information on their behalf. Simply head to the “Forms” tab and click on the form or forms you’d like to add information to.

Register in New Project

You can also ask the applicant to register again in the new project. They can use their same login, no need to create a new one, and then complete the forms as any other applicant would.

User Porting

If you’d like previous year’s applicants to have their information port over to your new registration year, make sure when you copy over your previous project into a new one, that user information is ported over. When you do this, and the applicant logs in to your new project, their information will now port in and they’ll be asked only to complete any new information or fields, and select new projects and pay.

To learn more about copying a project including user porting, read this article.