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My embedded project is redirecting away from my website

If you have embedded your project on your website, but when you go to the page to view and begin the registration process, it redirects away from your website – the fix is easy!

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Regpack admin account: www.regpack.com/reg/admin
  2. Head to Project Settings, and then navigate to the Embedding Tab
  3. Copy and paste the embed code from the box, and copy this code onto the registration page of your website.

The issue is likely due to using an outdated embed code, before your project was upgraded to Regpack Flow.

If the old embed code is used, the system understands that it will not work, and automatically redirects to the template page of your current system, to ensure there is no issue with registrants completing your forms and making a payment.

In order to keep this experience on your website, simply update to your new embed code and you’ll be all set!

Below you can see your Project Settings, under the embedding tab. Follow the instructions to select and copy your project code. Be sure you are in the correct project!

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