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Creating a New Project for a New Registration Season

As you gear up for a new registration season, here are some tips on achieving a seamless transition from your old project into your new one.

While a unique process might work best for you, this sequence finds success with many Regpack clients.

Step 1: Copy Your Project

Copy over your old project (learn how to do this here).

Be sure to port over your user information as well. This will allow returning users to login and find their information in your new project.

Step 2: Edit Your Project Details

Once your new project is created, be sure to check and update:

  • Autobill Plans, including updating the dates for your plans
  • Product pricing, names and any expiration dates
  • Adjust, remove, or add any questions on your forms, including questions you need updates (like grades, address, etc)
  • Test your new project to make sure it looks and flows how you’d like!
  • Update the embed code on your website to your new project code.

Step 3: Email Existing Users

Send an email in your old project with your new project details (updated link, registration dates, and more).

Step 4: Archive users in your old project.

You want to make sure you do this AFTER you copy and create your new project so their information ports over.

Archiving users in old projects will ensure they aren’t counted towards your monthly bill. You will still have access to their information by running a report and including archived users.