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How do I charge a user for a one-time charge?

There are times you will want to add a one-time charge or product to a user’s account to adjust their balance. This might be because you want to add a one-time fee to their cart and update their balance.

You have a few options using our Products module to achieve this.

1.  Create an “admin only” product

Simply create a product for the one-time fee you’d like to add to the user’s cart. Be sure to toggle “admin only” so that it doesn’t show up as an option in other user’s product selection.

This admin only product will add to the user’s cart and adjust their balance due accordingly.

If they have a saved card on file and give you permission to charge, you can quickly add this product and charge the user at the same time.

Check out the quick gif below on how to create an admin only product and add it to a specific user’s cart.

Add the product to a user cart:

admin only produact add to cart

Like any other product, admin only products can be viewed in a sales report so you can report on those charges.

The admin only product will add to the user’s balance and if they have a card on file or you have their CC information to charge and permission to do so, you can charge them from the back end, as shown below.

process a payment with saved card

2. Add a private product

We don’t recommend this unless you need to add a charge for taxes or convenience fees.

Private products also aren’t included in product reporting or filters, so keep that in mind if you would need any kind of payment and/or sales reports on the product. You can add a private product from the user’s cart. The button is to the left of the green “Add products/services” button.