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Managing Refunds and Cancellations

Having to cancel an event or program is not something an administrator enjoys having to do, however when it happens, it’s important to understand how to issues refunds in your Regpack system.

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers to assist with this process using your Regpack account.

Can I issue a refund to an applicant using my Regpack account?

how to issue an electronic refund

Yes. If an applicant made a payment electronically, a refund can be issued in your Regpack account.

Refunds can be issued on payments made within 60 days of the payment date. Refer to this article on how to execute a refund.

Do I have to refund the entire payment or can I issue a partial refund?

When issuing a refund, the option to refund the entire payment or make a partial payment will both be available. Simply enter the amount you wish to refund in the field when processing a refund.

Do I have to issue a refund on a cancelled event or can I allocate the payment to another program?

Remove a product and create a credit on a user account.

Yes, a payment can be applied to another program. Simply remove the product from the applicant cart leaving the applicant with a credit.

Once a new product is added to the cart the credit will be used to pay for the new product.

Any excess credit can then be refunded or kept in their account for additional products. This is a great option to retain the applicant within your organization and avoid a new processing fee.

Can I issue a refund for more than one person at a time?

Because refunds are tied to individual Payment ID’s, refunds can only be issued one applicant at a time.

Why am I getting an error that there are no funds in my account?

When a payment is made, the payment processor will hold your funds until your next scheduled payout date (daily, weekly or monthly). Your funds are transferred to your bank account and the processor no longer has any of your funds.

Refunds can continue to be issued when new payments are collected during registration or by returning funds to the payment processor already in your possession. To return funds to the processor, the Payments team will be in touch once the request is received by the processor.

Alternatively you can issue a refund directly to an applicant outside of the Regpack platform and log the activity manually in the applicants profile. To log a manual refund, follow the steps in this article, and select the “manual refund” option on the “List Manual Payment” screen. Note: this does NOT electronically refund the payment, it’s simply to log a refund processed outside of Regpack to keep your accounting organized.

Note: You can preemptively fund your merchant account if you expect to have a large amount of refunds to shorten the time for the refund to process.

Is there a charge for issuing a refund?

No, there is no charge to issue a refund. The processing charge is only assessed on the original transaction.

Can the payment processor help me with my payments and refunds?

For security purposes, the payment processor does not have access to your Regpack account and will be unable to assist with your merchant account. Our payments team will be your mediator when needing to resolve any situations with your merchant account. Most of the time the situation can be resolved by our payments team. If not, we coordinate with our representative for a swift resolution to your situation. In any case we handle all payment situations with high importance and precision.

I have a user who issued a chargeback. What should I do?

We have a whole post about chargebacks, including how to dispute them and what next steps are, which you can read here.

Feel free to check out our knowledge center for more information on managing payments in your Regpack account or reach us at payments@regpacks.com.