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Regpack FAQ

Types of Systems

There are two types of Regpack systems – Individual and Family systems. While most of the features are the same, there are some key differences:

Individual– This is designed so that a single user will fill out only one set of forms. This is commonly used for adult events, HR systems, Insurance enrollments, Travel programs, Training seminars.

Group – This is designed so that a single head registrant can register themselves, but also add additional members/children under their registration and pay for them all at once. This is commonly used for camps, conferences and group events.


You can view our monthly pricing here.

Each additional project after the first requires a $50 new project fee, which is waived if you are on an annual plan. You have the option to have a Project Manager help to build your new projects, for a reduced rate of $150 per project. A project manager will build out your initial project.

We can also do custom development to further enhance your system – this ranges from simple styling adjustments to custom API’s and features. You will need to coordinate with a project manager for more details on development pricing, as quotes vary widely depending on the request.

Our monthly pricing structure is based on two factors: the admins in your system and how many applicants you have registering in your system. There are three types of admin – Super Admins, Assistant Admins, and View Only Admins. The cost for each is related to their access and permissions.

Super Admins have full access to the system and are priced on a sliding scale based on the size of your system. The lowest tier is $99/month per Full-Time Admin (up to 2,000 applicants), but the most common is tier is $149/month per Full-Time Admin (up to 5,000 applicants). All systems must have at least 1 Full-Time admin that is the Owner, and you will only be charged as single admin even if you are an admin in more than one of your projects.

Assistant Admins have only partial access to the system, and are priced based on the amount of hours they are logged in ($1/hour or FREE on annual plans)

View Only Admins only have viewing privileges (they can’t make any changes), and they are free of charge .


Organizations who pay annually are eligible to receive discounts on their pricing (must have a minimum of three or more Full-Time Admins).

We can provide discounts on payment processing as well as setup fee for non-profit organizations, but this is a case by case basis.

Payment Processing

We work with payment processors that will seamlessly integrate the payments your users make into the system, resulting in an optimal experience for both you and your users.

Our processors allow for both ACH (e-check) and credit card payments, and deposits can happen daily, weekly, semi-monthly or monthly after a 2 week holding period.


We have a dynamic reporting system. Any information that is gathered by our system can be selected and entered into a report, which exports from our system as a spreadsheet or PDF. Click on any of the links below to see our instructional videos!

View Module Videos here. 


Our email system is flexible, allowing you to either automate your communication to specific user groups or manually send emails to a single or multiple individuals.

You can track the messages that have been sent to a user.

There is no quota on how many messages can be sent, and no limit to how many templates can be set up.

Project Management/Support

The project is built by a Regpack Project Manager. Towards the end of the building process you will have the opportunity to make any final adjustments and learn operate the system yourself; upon your final inspection /approval of the build, you will take on full management of your system.

Any questions after the project is live can be sent to support@regpacks.com. Our support team strives to respond to emails within 24 hours (excluding weekends), and are happy to answer any questions you might encounter as you manage your system.

We do have special managed project account where clients will have direct access to Regpack PM for project edits/maintenance. Connect with the Support team to learn more about this option and pricing.


We have a bi-weekly feature release cycle. Most features began as suggestions by our clients, so we invite your suggestions. Please keep in mind that the timeline for the release of feature requests is determined solely by our development team.

If a feature is a MUST HAVE then we can quote you the cost to include a specific feature into your project/account.

Our bug fix release schedule varies according to the severity of the bug. This timeline is determined by development (typically this is based on testing cycles – since we test our bug fixes many times before release)

Any feature suggestions should be sent to support@regpacks.com.