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Regpack Project Life Cycle

regpack project life cycle

The life cycle of a project is important to understand so that your registrations are easy to use and successful!

Life Cycle Overview

A “project” at Regpack means a unique registration system. Your organization may have many different projects with Regpack, some similar and some different from one another.

Each of these projects represents one registration cycle. Cycles can be defined differently depending on the process.

It can be helpful to think of a cycle as the user signing up for a single thing. For example, if your organization runs a retreat as well as weekly classes, it is helpful to keep the registration for the retreat separate from class sign up, as they are two different registration cycles.

Keeping cycles separate helps reduce confusion for users, makes keeping things organized much easier for admins, and is easy to do.

Project Creation

Project creation is the first step in all Regpack projects.

If working in an existing project, you can create a new project by clicking on your project name at the bottom of the page and selecting “Create New Project”.

New projects can be created either as a copy of an existing project or from a preset template. Checkout the articles below to learn more about setting up a new project.

How to copy a project

Copy Project FAQ

Build Process

During this step of the process you will design the back end of your project to outfit the needs of this project. You will decide which questions you would like to ask your users, how many different products they will be able to choose from, and many other things.

You will, for the most part, be working in the Forms and Product pages during this step of the process.

If you are working with a Regpack project manager, they will be assisting you through this step of process. It is very important that during this stage you test the system thoroughly. You can learn more about test users and how to edit items in the back end of the system by following the links below.

Create a New Product

Editing Forms

How to create test users.

More on this subject can be found here.

PM Assistance / Get Help from a Project Manager

As part of your initial onboarding with Regpack, a PM is assigned to you to assist in building out your initial project.

For all subsequent projects, you can either choose to build it yourself, with any questions that come up directed to our support team.

You can also opt to pay for PM assistance, or Project Manager Assistance. When copying or creating a new project, you can toggle “Yes” for PM assistance, and the PM team will reach out. This additional service assigns you a PM that is dedicated to building out your system and ensuring your new project goes live.

Go Live

Going live is the step in which you will launch the project to begin accepting live users.

Before making the system live, you will want to make sure of a few things.

First, you will want to be comfortable with the set up of your project, and confident that things are set up as desired. This can be done through creating lots of test users!

If you are happy with the set up, then you will want to reach out to the payments team to make sure that your merchant account has been set up, and is ready to process.

If the merchant account is not yet ready, you will be unable to process payments in the system. You can reach the payments team at payments@regpacks.com.

If your set up is looking good and your merchant account has been squared away then you just have three simple steps to go live:

1) Mark your test users as inactive
2) Embed the system into your website or send out system link
3) Change the system status to “Open for Registration and Login”.

Regpack Support

Once you are live your main point of contact for assistance will be the support team. They can be reached via email at support@regpacks.com.

They are here to advise you on system set up, best practices, and any questions that you may have about project functionality.

All emails sent to support are answered within 24 – 48 hours. In the event that your need assistance with an issue that is impairing your ability to accept registrations (many payments failing, widespread system issues, etc) you can tag the email as “Time Sensitive” or “Urgent” in the subject line to expedite the process. Please use discretion when tagging requests as time sensitive.