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How to remove a test user in your system

To remove a test user in your project, you can simply apply an “inactive” status to their record to remove them from your active user list.

You can do this for ANY user, test or otherwise, that you do NOT want to have in your active user count.

To add a new status to a user, or group of users, including test users, simply select the user or users you’d like to set as inactive, and click “set status as” on the user.

set status for users

If the “test” status, or another ‘inactive’ status doesn’t exist, you will want to create a new status and mark it as an inactive status.

To set as inactive, click “Yes” next to “User INACTIVE when in this status”

create a new status

Once you create and then set the user or users with the inactive status, they will be grayed out and no longer showing by default in your user management page.

Their record is still available – you can search for their information, or toggle under the search bar to view all users that are marked as inactive.