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Removing Products from a User Cart

There are two ways to remove a product from a user’s cart: by the Regpack admin or by the user themselves. As an admin, you can prevent users from removing products from their cart themselves if you wish, through the Product settings which we’ll review below.

How can an admin remove a product from the user’s cart?

delete product from Cart

Once the product is removed, a credit might be available depending on the payment status of that user. If there is a credit, you can either refund it OR keep it as a credit and when a new product is added to the user’s cart, that payment will apply to the new product.

How can a user remove a product from their cart?

If you would like to give users the ability to remove products from their cart, set the settings on each product accordingly.

Under “Settings” for any product, you can lock the product from changes (like removing the item) once a payment is made, once the product is paid in full, and once it’s added to the cart.

If all of these settings are turned off, a user can remove the product from their cart at any time. If you set some or all of these settings, a user can or cannot remove the product depending on what conditions they’ve met.

We recommend using the “locked once added to cart” only for mandatory fees that are required to be paid like an application fee or family registration fee.

You might want to set the lock only when a product is fully paid so they can still remove it – though any payments made will have to be either left as a credit or refunded by you.

product locking settings

In any case, you as the admin can always remove a product from the user’s cart, as shown above.