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How to Set Up a Discount Code

Coupon or discount codes can be used to trigger discounts (or even fields, forms, products, or autobilling plans to show or add!) to add to a user’s cart upon being entered into a short answer field within a form.


Create a Place for Codes to be Entered

You’ll need your users to be able to enter the text that will trigger your discount to add to their cart. This will be a field within a form.

  1. Head to Settings -> Forms
  2. Hover over the form you wish to add the field to and click “Edit Form Fields”
  3. Add a Short Answer field to your form (you may click “add to bottom” or drag and drop it)
  4. Within the Short Answer menu, click “Admin Field & Filter Triggering Options”
  5. Turn “Add field to filter options on backend” to ON. By default, short answer fields are not included in the trigger menu; this feature will allow this short answer field to be included.
  6. Click “Save Field,” and you’re done!


Trigger Your Discount to Add Automatically

  1. Head to Settings -> Products and create your discount
  2. Hover over your discount and click Trigger -> Add product to user’s cart and hide from others
  3. In the trigger menu, open up Fields and find your newly created Discount/Coupon Code field
  4. Type in your discount code and click the green + symbol
  5. Click “That’s it, I’m finished!” and you’re done!

Best Practices/Warnings

  • NOTE: The short answer field CANNOT be on the Checkout form. A form must be submitted to fire the trigger.
  • If you have a family/group project, the field and discount must be on the child/sub-unit level as discounts apply per child/sub-unit.
  • We recommend adding this field before the Confirm Selection form so that your users can see the discount apply in their cart.