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How to Set Up a Discount Code

A discount code in Regpack requires two things: A short answer field on a form that functions as a text box for them to input the code, and a product that is triggered to add based upon the answer in that field!

We’ll show you step-by-step how to create both of these items. Watch the video below or scroll down for step by step instructions.

Let’s begin with the short answer field.

Head to Settings -> Forms.

settings forms

Find the form you wish to display the short answer field on, hover over it, and click “edit form fields.”

edit form

Keep in mind that you can put this field anywhere but the checkout page as the system requires a form to be submitted before a change in products can take effect.

Once you’re in your form editor, find Short Answer in the field menu.

Here, you can choose to add it to the top or bottom, or simply drag and drop it to an area of your choosing within your form.

short answer field

Name the short answer field whatever you’d like, an example would be “Discount Code” or “Coupon Code”. Next, click “Admin Field & Filter/Triggering Options”.

By default, short answer fields do not show up in your trigger menu when triggering a product, so we’ll need to turn on a feature in order to make this work.

Turn “Add field to filter options on backend” to ON, and you’re all set! Save your form, and head over to products.


To get to the products menu, click Settings -> Products.


Create your discount! Click Create New Product, and select Discount under Product Type. You’ll see some additional options appear.

discount properties

Name your discount, choose whether it is a flat rate or percentage, and choose what product this discount should apply to, if any. Click Create Discount.

Hover over this discount to Trigger it.


Now, we want this product to add automatically if they enter that code, but we don’t want others to see it, so we’ll select “Add product to user’s cart and hide from others”.

Click the set trigger conditions below to pull up our menu.


Our short answer field is a Field, so we’ll click Field to pull up a list. Scroll down this list to find your short answer field and type in the discount code you wish to use. Remember, this is case sensitive! Click the green plus button next to your discount, and click “that’s it, i’m finished” to finish up triggering your discount.


Be sure to test this and ensure it’s working correctly before launching!

To find your test link, head to Settings -> Project Settings -> Embedding, and click the link in Mini Site Configuration.

embed regpack