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How to stop a future payment

If you have a user or group of users on an autobill plan or payment plan, and you’d like to stop or extend a future payment date, follow the steps below.

Extend payment due date 

If you’d like to change the payment schedule for a user or users on an autobill plan, you can do this by heading to Autobill and editing the installments.

We do NOT recommend changing an autobill plan once users have enrolled as this can cause issues. Check with our Support team before making a change to ensure what you WANT to achieve and the changes you make are in sync.

Below are a few different ways to achieve your goal for an individual user, a group of users, custom Autobill plans, and more. Please direct all questions to our support team! 

Read here about how to edit an installment. 

To make a change for 1 user

If you would like to stop future payments for just 1 user, the simplest way to do this is simply removing the autobill plan or plans from that user’s file.

To do this, head to User Management and the “Autobill” tab for that user. Click “Edit Autobill Plan” at the bottom, and then “Remove” for the plan they are enrolled in.

remove autobill plan from user

If you still would like them to be enrolled in an automatic payment plan, you can either create a NEW plan and add them to it, with updated due dates or leave their balance as is, and charge in pull / add a new plan in the future.

To add a new autobill plan, follow the same steps, click the green “Edit Autobill Plan” or “Add Autobill Plan” and select from the options in the pop-up.

To make a change for a group of  users on a specific plan 

It’s possible to edit an existing plan or move all users from one plan to a new one. The choice you make depends on what existing plan they are on.

Custom Plans vs Standard Plans

If your users are on a custom autobill plan, it’s possible to edit the installment dates to remove 1 or more payment due dates.

delete future payment date on custom autobill plan

If your users are NOT on a custom autobill plan, simply create a new plan with updated dates and parameters.

Then, go to the old plan and “Delete” it. A prompt will show allowing you to replace the old plan with the new one you’ve created.

delete autobill pland move to new plan_1

Turn off Autobill Completely 

If you’d like to stop future payments for ALL users on ALL plans, you can simply turn off Autobill in your project. This means that ALL future payments will be stopped from all users, regardless of the plan they are on.

Make sure you would like ALL automatic payments that are due to be stopped before changing this setting!

To do this, head to Project Settings, Payments tab, and turn the setting “Enable Autobill Payments” to off.

turn autobill off