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How to Manage Time Slots and Quotas using Sessions

While a useful tool anytime, especially in the times of COVID-19, it’s important to have the tools you need to manage the flow of visitors you have on-site for your programs and events.

Regpack can help make it easy to provide time slots for your programs that users can pre-book. This will allow you to limit the number of people who can sign-up to attend each time slot you offer, so you can maintain local distancing guidelines and still run your event or programs successfully.

How to set up time slots and quotas using sessions

With sessions, you can set up quotas, customize your sessions, and offer different times on different days – basically whatever your schedule of open hours are, Regpack will work for you!

To start, make sure you’ve defined your sessions and time slots so you can build them out properly. Are your time slots daily, hourly, weekly?

In the example we’ll work through below, this organization has an event on a Monday, with a morning and afternoon session. Each session can only have 10 people, so we’ll want to set it up so that no more than 10 people can register for each session.

1. Create the session holder product, “Monday Event” by clicking “Create new product”.

create monday session

2. Next you’ll create your 2 sessions. Each session will be a time slot: 1 session for your morning slot and 1 session for your afternoon slot.

You can name the session if you’d like, this is optional.

Next, enter the start and end date. In our case, this will be the same day.

Next, you’ll select the day of the week that corresponds with your date, and then the times of each slot. In our case, we’ll set up the morning slot session for 9am – 12pm.

create morning slot session

Once complete, head to the next tab, “Options”, to set your quota. In our case, the morning slot can have a maximum of 10 people, so we’ll enter “10” for our quota.

You can also enable a waitlist, if desired.

session options

3. Copy sessions to create your additional time slots.

To make it easy, you can copy over the morning slot to save time when creating your afternoon slot.

Once copied, update the name of the session, if applicable, and update the time of the session. All other settings, like the date and quota will remain the same.

copy session

What the time slots look like for users on the front end

Now that we’ve created the morning and afternoon time slot, when users are registering on the front end, they will be presented with both options.

The front end shows the name of the product session holder, “Monday Event”, as well as the individual session names we inputted, “Morning Slot” and “Afternoon Slot”.

The date is shown, as well as the day of the week and times.


time slots on the front end

Adding COVID-19 Waivers

Be sure to create another form for users to complete either before or after their program selection, with the e-signature widget, so any additional terms and conditions you’ve added or require to have on file before a participant joins your event or program, is signed and marked.

Mark the form as “mandatory” and roadblock it so that a user cannot complete registration without signing your terms.

How to view the users who have signed-up for specific sessions or products

It’s easy to view the list of users who have signed up for a particular session.

Head to Products, and click on the session you’d like to view the roster for.

Click “Days” and then select the day of the session you’d like to view. You’ll be presented with the list of orders.

view session roster

You can do this on any product and/or session holder product to get a full list of orders as well. See this article for more information.