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How to view or add files to a users form [Upload Files]

Using our upload widget, you can provide an easy way for users to add files to any form.

The file upload widget allows user to upload a variety of documents into the system.

Often, this function is utilized by admins when they need a copy of a user’s health records,  photos, or agreements physically signed by multiple parties (use our esignature tool if not!).

The system can accept many file types (Pdf, Doc, Png, Mp3, Avi, etc…) and sizes up to 10 Mb.

In addition, you can upload any forms to a user’s profile from the back end, either on the form where the upload widget is or in their record using an admin only form.

It’s easy to view forms the user and you upload to a user’s profile, by simply clicking the file when viewing their form.

Let’s look at how you can accomplish all of the above mentioned things.

Add the upload widget to a form 

When editing a form, simply add a new field and select the upload widget.

You can add this to a form that the user will fill out themselves. On the front end, they can upload a document.

add upload widget to form

Add a file to a user record 

You can also access their form from the back end, and upload a document on their form yourself.

You can also add the upload widget to an admin only form, and then add that form to a user record to store any uploads or documents you’d like to connect to their account. Learn more about Admin Only Forms here.

upload file from the backend to a user

View and download files users have uploaded 

To view and then download documents that users have uploaded (or you have uploaded for them), simply click on the form where the upload widget is, on a specific user, and you can click the file and download through your browser.

download document from form