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What do I do when an attendee cancels or drops out?

If you have a user who drops out or cancels your program or event, it’s easy to account for this in your Regpack Project.

You have a few options depending on what the status of the attendee is.

  1. If the person will NOT be switching to another program, you can just archive them with a status that matches their status (“Cancelled”, “Dropped Out”) etc. They will no longer show up in the list for the product(s) ordered.
  2. You can remove the product they registered for from their cart, and then leave them active or archive them – your choice!

The benefit of archiving the user is that they will no longer show up in your user list. Their information is still there, and you can filter on them specifically if you apply a status like “Cancelled” to them for future email or marketing purposes.

Here’s how to set a new status and make it an archived status.

Refunds and Credits

If you need to refund the user, you can follow the steps outlined in this article.

If you are offering a credit and the user plans to enroll in another program or event, do NOT archive them. You will want to just remove the product they are cancelling from their cart, which will create a positive balance for their account (so long as they’ve made a payment). Then, you can add their new event or program (“product”) to their cart, and their balance will allocate towards this new product.

How to remove a product from the cart

To remove a product from a user’s cart, simply click on the “Cart” tab of their profile and click “Remove” when hovering over the product they are cancelling.

delete product from Cart

Any differences in cost can be handled next, including making a new payment or offering a refund for the difference.