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What adjustments should I make to my project to go virtual or support COVID-19 restrictions?

As you plan for your upcoming events and programs, you might need to make some adjustments to your products and email templates to be ready.

The top 4 common updates to your projects include:

1. Creating an email template with a video conference link for the virtual event and/or session the applicant registered for.

This is easy to do, simply create the template with the email content and video link, and trigger the email to send when a specific product is either added to the cart, or marked as paid, depending on your preference.

Here’s a quick resource with a step-by-step on how to do this. 

2. Create quotas on sessions if you have a maximum group number you must adhere to.

You can easily create a session with quotas – either for the session as a whole or each individual session, to ensure you meet local guidelines for in-person gatherings and to help maintain safe distancing.

Here are two great resources on creating time slots and sessions with quotas.

3. Create a donation project!

Many businesses are enjoying the generous support from their loyal clients.

Creating an easy way to collect contributions your community would like to make to support your organization is key to maximizing this generosity.

If you are using a secondary system to collect and manage donations on your website – consider using Regpack to streamline your internal processes and make it easy to collect donations online with the Regpack tool you already know and love!

Here is a simple recipe on how to set up a donation project using Regpack.

Reach out to our Support team if you have questions about processing donations with Regpack or adding a donation option in your existing projects.

4. Create Custom Autobill Plans for Financially Impacted Customers

To ease the burden for the people you serve, you can create custom payment plans for specific participants and families to help ensure you get paid on your terms, but in consideration of the challenges participants might be facing.

You can create an Autobill plan that is product specific or even a unique plan specific to an individual user or group of users.

Learn how to create and add a new Autobill plan here.