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WePay Common Questions

When can I start processing payments?

Account setup takes as little as 1 business day once you have completed your Merchant Account Setup form.

You will receive an email notification from payments@regpacks.com  when your account is approved and you can begin processing.

What are my processing rates?

You can check your processing rates in settings –> project settings –> payments tab.

When will I receive the funds from my sales?

You can determine your payout schedule – Daily, Weekly or Monthly – on your Merchant Account Setup form. The payments team can adjust this if necessary (payments@regpacks.com). More details here

How can I pull the payout reports to reconcile my sales deposits?

To download payment reports from Wepay, log in here: https://www.wepay.com/login

If you don’t have access to your WePay account, email the payments team (payments@regpacks.com) to set it up.

In the Wepay console, go to Reporting > Payments > Download CSV for the deposit.

Column R under payment_description will show you the field which you set as your soft descriptor.

I just opened registration and all my payments are pending?

Wepay reviews transactions when accounts are created to protect themselves from anything malicious or fraudulent.

This review typically takes 1-2 business days to complete, after which the funds will be labeled approved in Regpack, and will appear in your WePay account.

More details and recommendations here

Why is my applicant’s e-check still pending?

Users need to confirm their bank account with Wepay before e-checks can be processed. If the e-check is still pending, it’s likely the user didn’t confirm their account. The account is confirmed by two micro-deposits (less than $.25) that are posted to their bank account in 2-5 business days. The payment amounts are confirmed via a link that is provided in an email. After this, the payment will move from ‘pending’ to ‘started’ in 1-2 business days.