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Why aren’t my products visible?

To troubleshoot this issue, you’ll want to make sure each function that touches your products is configured correctly.

    • Check whether Visible to Users is set to ON
      If this is not set, then your users will not be able to see your products; only admins will. To change this, edit your product, and find the Visible to Users option. Switch the option from OFF to ON.
    • Availability dates
      Does your product have availability dates that have not yet passed? If so, users will not be able to see these products just yet. If you would like for your users to be able to see them now, you can remove this availability date to ensure visibility.
    • Product Triggers
      Do you have triggers on your products to ensure a condition must be met before the product is visible or added to a user’s cart? If so, check these conditions to ensure that they are correct and able to be met. Note that if you have multiple conditions that can trigger this product such as multiple grade levels, you’ll want to ensure that ANY is selected under ALL/ANY so that you aren’t requiring your users to meet ALL of the conditions.
      Once you know that your triggers are correct, ensure that your test user is accurately meeting these conditions so that you can see the product on the front end.
    • Quota Without Waitlist
      Does your product have a quota that is full? If this is the case and you would still like your product to be available for selection, edit your product details to turn the waitlist to ON.
    • Start Date Passed and Prorating OFF
      Has your start date passed for your event? If you would like your users to be able to select it still, you can turn Prorating to ON to allow them to select the remaining days. Regpack will automatically divide the cost between the days and calculate the remaining amount to prorate it for you.
  • Product Widget Allocation
    Is your product widget set to only show specific products? If this is the case and you have added new products after setting your allocation, you may need to check that your newly created product is set to appear in your product widget. To do so, head to Settings -> Forms -> Edit Form Fields where your product widget appears -> click on your product widget. You’ll see Selected Products/Services which will allow you to set which products appear.

If you are still having trouble getting your products to appear, reach out to our support team at support@regpacks.com for assistance!