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Add an Admin as a Recipient of an Email

Admins can be added as recipients of emails so that they can receive automatic updates on things that occur within your project such as users creating accounts, applying for scholarships, making payments, etc. Recipients of emails are determined while setting up an email’s trigger.

Setting up an Email’s Trigger

  1. Hover over the email you wish to add an admin as a recipient to and click “Trigger.”
  2. The pop-up menu will allow you to determine who this email should be sent to. Admins can be found at the bottom of the list. View more information on adding admins here. You may select multiple admins and/or email addresses captured within forms.
  3. Click “Set Recipients” to confirm your choices.
    1. If you wish to add admins to  CC or BCC, click on the respective text to bring up the same menu to select your CC and BCC recipients.
  4. Click “From” to determine who the sender should be. You may select either an admin within this project or your general project email (more info on this here).
  5. Click “Set Trigger Conditions” to determine when this email should be sent. View more information on setting up an email trigger here.
  6. Click “That’s it, I’m finished!”