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Add an Admin as a Recipient of an Email


In this article, you will learn how to add an admin to an outgoing email. The system allows you to be able to send emails to admin when a user completes an action.

This can be helpful for notifying admin in the system when the user has reached a certain part of registration, or if the user has updated their selection.

You have the option to either send an email to an admin outright or to CC or BCC admin as well.

To begin, make sure you are in the Message Management interface by selecting the “Emails” tab under the “Settings” menu located to the right of the Regpack logo:


Next, mouse over the title of the email you would like to add your admins on. Click the “Trigger” button that appears to the right of the message template name.

email trigger

This opens the “Email Trigger” menu. Here you can add and remove recipients of an email.

  • You can delete a recipient of an email by hovering over their name and selecting, “Delete”.
  • You can also add recipients by selecting “Add Recipient”. You also have the option to add “CC Recipient” or “BCC Recipient”. You will be able to select from all of the email fields in the system to add as recipients. You can also select any of the admin emails in the system to add as recipients, CC recipients, or BCC Recipients.

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After adding the admin as recipients, you can move to adding the trigger conditions onto the email. You can click “Set Events” to set the trigger conditions you’d like the email to be sent by, and then click “That’s it. I’m finished”.

Note: All messages must be added to a category (done in the message management screen) in order for it to be sent with a trigger (i.e. no “Uncategorized” emails).