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Create an Email

In this article, you will learn how to create a new email template.

This email can be triggered to send out to users after they complete an action, or can be sent out manually.

To begin, make sure that you are in the Message Management interface by selecting the “Emails” tab under the “Settings” menu located to the right of the Regpack logo.


Create a New email

First, you will want to click on the “Create New Email” button, located in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

Create New Email Button

This will open up the email editing menu, and here you can enter the name of the template- this is how the email will appear in the message management screen. Make sure to name the email something unique enough for you to remember later on.

Create New Email Name

Next, click “Create New Email” button at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

Email Builder

This will open the message editor module. A few notes on the different items on the page:

  1. Email body- you can add the desired text into the body of the email by clicking where the screen reads “Customize your template”.
  2. Tokens- Tokens allow you to add in user information directly onto an email as it sends out to a user. It can be helpful to think of tokens like a “mail merge” function. Tokens can be added onto emails by going to the menu on the right hand corner of the screen. Based on where you cursor is in the body of the email, this is where the token will land. Tokens are divided up by form, and then by field. System fields are extra pieces of information that are gathered by the system as a user registers, that might not actually be a question the user answers (things like log in email, payment information, etc.)
  3. View Example- Clicking this button will pull up a preview of how the email will appear to a user as it sends out. It will require you to already have a test user in the system in order to preview the email.
  4. Source- If you have images and styling already set up, you can always paste these in using the “Source” tab. This will open up the body of the email to the HTML text editor.

Note: Be sure to always add an email to a category. Uncategorized emails will not react to any autosend options.