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Edit or Delete an Email

Emails can be automatic or manual, but they are a great tool of communication between you and your applicants or you and your team, keeping everyone updated. If you need to update an email template or delete an old one, first you need to navigate to your email templates.

Make sure you are in Emails by selecting the “Emails” section in the “Settings” menu now located on the left-hand side.


To edit or delete an email, hover over the desired email template. You should see “Edit Properties,” “Trigger,” and “Edit Subject/Body”.

Click the “Edit Properties ” button that appears to the right of the email template name.

edit email properties

A new menu should appear on the right-hand side. This is where you can edit the category, name, email the body, and more.

  • Edit Email Type (for group systems) – which level should receive the email.
  • Edit Subject/Body – where you edit text (subject, body, add fields) of the email.
  • Trigger (Auto-send Options) – This is where you add recipients to an email and adjust the conditions on which an email can be automatically sent. You decide if the email will go to your applicants or your team or yourself (or everyone!).
  • Category selection – determine which category you’d like the email to fit under.

This is also where you can select “Delete Email” at the bottom of your page to delete the email.

edit email properties menu

If you are deleting an email, you will be asked to confirm your choice. If you are editing an email, make sure you click “Update Email” to save your work!

There are other editing options you can make as well, like moving an email…

move email

You can change the order of the emails in a category by dragging-and-dropping. You also have the ability to drag-and-drop to move emails between categories. Of course, another way to move emails is using the Category drop-down list when you’re creating or editing a product.