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Send an Email to Users


To begin, make sure you are in the User Management interface by selecting the “Users” tab located to the left of the screen, underneath the Regpack logo.

user management

1)Select the checkbox on the left side of the individual user or multiple users you’d like to send a message to. Below you’ll see the top 3 users are selected.

You can select users by clicking the box at the top which will allow you to select all users, or all users on that page.

To be more specific you can first run a filter for users to narrow your selection.

select users

2)Click the “Send Email” button at the top left of your screen above the list of users.

send email

3) Select the email template you would like to send by clicking the blue “Select” button on the right hand side of the pop-up.

If a template you need is not there, you’ll need to navigate to the “Settings” section on the left hand side and select “Emails” in order to create a new email template.

select email template

4) This will take you to a preview console where you can set the recipients. Click the “To” field and you can select the email address it should go to. The options will only be email addresses from email fields in your system. You will also be able to select CC and BCC recipients as well.

If you’d like to change the email template, simply click “Change Template” at the bottom left and you will see the list of email templates in your system to select from.

send email editor

Once you have set the recepients, click the green “Send” button at the top, directly under the email subject line. You will be given the choice to send ONLY to this user, or to all selected users. Make your choice and your email is on it’s way!

You can then go to the user or users in the Users section, to view communications sent to the user.