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How to Create Session Specific Emails

Creating an email specific to a session and then sending it to the right people within Regpack is easy!

There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Trigger the email to go out when a user orders and/or pays for a specific session.
  2. Send the email to everyone registered to the session by filtering for users in that session, and then sending that group an email.

Below are the steps for both options:

Trigger an email

You can create an email template and then trigger it to send when a user adds a session to their cart, is waitlisted for the session, deletes the session from their cart, or has paid for the session.

To do this, simply trigger the email template based on that specific session and the status.

Select the email you want to trigger, click the purple lightening bolt, and then click “Set Trigger Conditions”. Then select “Products/Services” and locate the session you’d like to trigger the email. Then select whether the condition is paid for, ordered, etc.

trigger an email based on session selection

In the gif above, every time a user adds the morning session to their cart, the email will automatically send.

Send an email to registered users in the session

If you’d like to send an email directly to everyone registered for the session, you can easily filter for those users and then send an email, as shown below.

Simply head to “Tools” at the top of User Management, and select “View orders per product/session” and then select the session you’d like to email. A side panel will appear with the list of Orders for that session. Select some or all of the users (you can filter this list by all, paid, not paid, waitlisted, and not waitlisted) and then click “User Tools” and “Send email”. Select the template you’d like to send, and that’s it!

filter by session


Here are some other resources for creating, sending, and triggering emails:

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