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View Email and Communications Sent to Individual Users


Did you know you can view the previous email communication sent to your applicant through Regpack? If the email was sent through the system – automatically or manually – there is a log of it, which you can view.

This is especially useful if you need a timestamp of communication or to verify that an email was sent.

First you need to make sure you are in the User Management section by selecting “Users” as seen in the picture below:

user management

Second you will want to use the search bar to find the specific user of whom you want to view the previous communication. Use the search bar to look them up with either their first name, last name, or email address. You can also filter for a group of users whose communication you’d like to view. Filtering can be down by clicking the green “X” next to the search bar.


Once you have found the user you are looking for, click their name. A panel should appear on the right with their details. You can then click over to the “Communication” section.


From the communications tab, you can view all communications sent to that user. If you click on any of the emails, it will drop down with the full text. You can click on the arrow at the right of the screen on any email to view or collapse the message.

Note that you can simply click another name and the user panel will remain open, to navigate to a new user’s communication.

Note that from this window, you can send a new email to this user simply by clicking the green “Send New Email”. You will see a pop-up with all of your email templates, with the option to select the one you’d like to send to this user. For more ways to send an email to users, see this article.