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Filter by Short Answer Field


Filters are a way to quickly narrow down the users that you’re viewing based on a common data point.


Need to find everyone who hasn’t paid in full for your program? Filters makes these tasks easy.


Filtering by a short answer field will allow adminsto locate answers entered into a short answer field, even partial answers entered by their users.


For example, filtering for the text “UC” can display users who responded with “UC Berkeley” or “UC Davis” or “UCLA”.


Before any admin will be able to filter by Short Answer Fields, they must go into the forms and select the field(s) they wish to be included as a filter.


This can be achieved by going into the field options and selecting “Add field to filter options”. Instructions on how to create and edit options on the Short Answer Field can be found here.


NOTE: First and last names of the primary user (names that are displayed) can automatically be searched by using the search bar located at the top of the system. It would not be an extra benefit to add those short answer fields to the filter.


Filter by Short Answer Field


After the field is selected to appear as a filterable option, it will appear under the “Fields” section in the advanced mode of the filter.


Enter the text you would like to filter in the provided box then continue the filter process as normal. Instructions on the filter feature can be found here.


Filter by Short Answer Field


Once you enter the text, in the example above, under “Discount code”, you then click the green “+” sign to add it to your filter selection. If this is your only filter condition, you’ll then click the green “Apply filter” at the bottom of your pop-up, which will display the results of that filter.



Removing the Short Answer Field as a Filtering Option


To remove the Short Answer Field as a filtering option, go back to the specific field on the form the short answer field is on, and then click “Remove from filter options”