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Front End Product Filtering

To turn on the filter on your product widget and allow users to filter for your products, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the form where you have a product widget in use and click on the widget.
  2. Scroll down in the panel that opens to “Filtering and Search”
  3. Toggle “Allow product filtering” to on
  4. Make any text changes to the filter options presented and select which filter options you’d like enabled.
  5. Click save field and you’re all set!

enable the product filter tool to allow users to filter your product offerings on your website

Important Notes

When users submit this form, they will continue the process to register and pay for the selected products.

Please keep in mind the following:

  1. Triggers will work as usual. If your products are triggered on fields, make sure to add them to this form, otherwise there could be a situation where no products are presented. Please test your system once you’re done setting up so you ensure it works as intended.
  2. Every time this form is submitted, an order is made. Be sure to take this into account if you have quotas on your products. If quotas are vital for your process, we recommend you do not set up an anonymous form as it will result in abandoned carts and managing those in order to ensure quotas are working as you intend them to.
  3. It is highly advised to have an email field at the top of the form and to make it mandatory. In addition, we recommend you set the form to “roadblocked”. This way you are sure to get the email address of the person interested in your services and the system will automatically create the user id based on that email. Learn how to add a field or about all form settings here.
  4.  We recommend triggering an email to send out to the user after the form is submitted that will include their credentials so they can access the system again if needed.
    Please refer to this article in our help center to learn how to trigger emails and tips on setting up an anonymous system, which you can read here.

Product Filter Options 

Note that the filter options you select will only show if at least 1 product has that variable. If you select “Location” as a filter option, but no product has a location, it will not show this filter option on the front end.


The category is whatever category in the Products module the product is under.


Allows filtering by dates, which are set on the product and session level. If this field is left blank, the system will present the date range of your initial offerings as the “name” of this filter. When filtering by date, the system will ONLY show products and sessions with dates.


The system will filter by the admin(s) assigned to the product or session. Admins can be managed in Admin Management, under “Settings” to the left.

admin management

You can view the “Instructor” assignment in the video below, under “Location”. Under the settings for every product/session, head to “Assign Admins/Set Instructors” and select from admins in your system to assign a product/session to an admin/instructor.

You can assign multiple admins to every product/session.


The location field is found on the product/sessions level in the Products module. To set this value, edit a product/session and navigate to Settings –> “Filtering and Reporting”, where you can enter the location.

filter and reporting options

Misc 1 

Misc 1 and Misc 2 are fields that are found on the product/sessions level in the Products module, as shown above.

To set these values, edit a product/session and navigate to Settings –> “Filtering and Reporting”, where you can enter data into these fields. See the video above.